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Hello and welcome! I’m Angie, the “Canning Lady” behind Year Round Pantry. I’ve been canning food for over 20 years. I grew up around canning, but I didn’t start to hone the skill until I was newly married.

My Story

Canning and having food storage on hand have been a hedge against life’s storms. Many times, we’ve had job loss or injuries that have affected our income, and we’ve been able to stretch savings and keep our bellies full because we had extra food on hand that helped us weather the storm. We joke that it’s food insurance. It brings peace of mind knowing that you can still feed your family even in the world has been turned upside down for you. During COVID, when people were limited in how much they could buy, we could still access bulk meat and produce. Because I knew how to can, I was canning jams and meats to put on our shelf when you often couldn’t find things like that on the shelves. I was super grateful for the skill; we didn’t go without anything and even delivered bread loaves and yeast to those who needed it.

Your Story

Canning doesn’t have to be complicated, and through this blog (and my instagram page), I hope to give you the confidence to start your own canning journey and begin to experience food insurance of your own!

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